The Risk Management Group, Inc has one of the most seasoned teams in the North American Aerospace Insurance sector with the goal of becoming the leading Aviation Insurance Brokerage House in this highly- specialized segment of the global marketplace.

Our deep bench of veteran aerospace insurance executives brings over 150 years of combined aviation insurance underwriting and broking experience at the highest levels of the insurance and reinsurance community.

Let us put our years of experience and deep knowledge of the aviation insurance marketplace to work for you!

Coverage & Expertise

• Hull and Liability Insurance for Industrial Aid Aircraft
• Hull and Liability Insurance for Commercial Fixed Wing and Helicopter Fleets
• Airport General Liability Insurance for Commercial Aviation Fleets
• Airport General Liability Insurance for Public Airports
• General Liability Insurance for Airport Service Providers: Baggage handling, Wheelchair Services, Airport Security
• Aerospace Products Liability Insurance for Manufacturers

• General Liability Insurance Coverage for Maintenance and Repair Facilities
• Workers' Compensation Insurance for all Aviation related business - Flight Operations, Maintenance and Repair, Airport Services
• Non-Owned Aircraft Liability Insurance
• Liability Insurance Coverage for UAV/ Drone Operators
• Airshow Liability Insurance